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Silver Salmon Fishing Packages

Silver Salmon Season

All-inclusive packages as low as $1660 per person per night*

Effective Dates: 15 Sep to 1 Oct
Enjoy freshwater fishing for the largest Silver Salmon of our season. These large Silver Salmon (aka Coho Salmon) storm our waterways in late-September.

This native run of Southeast Alaska Silvers average in the 12- to 15-pound range, with trophy-class fish topping out around 18 pounds. Silvers are tackle-busters — full of energy! — and their acrobatic fights are a heck of a lot of fun. Pound-for-pound these Silvers are the hardest-fighting salmon, aggressively striking flies and lures.

*$1660 rate is a 3 person 3 night minimum with the Premier package.

Silver Salmonmid thru late-Sept
CutthroatApr thru Sept
Dolly VardenApr thru Sept
Table indicates typical seasonal runs

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