Top 10 Reasons to Stay at Boardwalk Lodge - Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge

Top 10 Reasons to Stay at Boardwalk Lodge

Above all, we pride ourselves on personal attention and service in all we do. Here are 10 other reasons to book your Alaska trip with us:

  1. Orvis Endorsed. The exclusive Orvis endorsement is only awarded to the finest fishing lodges in the world. Boardwalk is among a select group of lodges that meet the high standards of the Orvis program. Your fishing vacation is too valuable to waste on poor facilities or guide incompetence. More about our Orvis Endorsement »
  2. Fishing Variety. Fresh or saltwater fishing? It's your choice. Our oceanfront resort gives you exceptional freedom and complete control of your angling experience. Will it be a saltwater or freshwater fishing day? Halibut or Trout? Let us know and our experienced guides will get you on the water. More about our Fishing Opportunities »
  3. Nearby Waterways. Lodge guides have easy access to some of the hottest fishing holes in Southeast Alaska. Boardwalk guides are licensed for 23 lakes, rivers and streams on breathtaking Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. Solitary fishing trips are typically accessed by Suburban, so fly-outs are unnecessary.
  4. Top Gear and Guides. The lodge is staffed with expert guides and equipped with top-of-the line saltwater and freshwater fishing gear. Saltwater anglers will appreciate premium gear from Shimano, Lamiglas and Penn to haul in monster Halibut, take on King Salmon, and land a host of other Pacific salmon species. Freshwater enthusiasts gear up for Salmon, Cutthroat and Steelhead with the best fly fishing and spin casting rods, reels and tackle. More about Fishing Gear »
  5. Fishing Pressure. There is none! Unlike the Kenai and other combat-fishing destinations, fishing in our waterways is peaceful — allowing you to enjoy the magnificent scenery as nature intended. Many of these waters are only fished when our guests venture out, so you to cast and catch in solitude.
  6. Wonderful Weather. Southeast Alaska has a temperate, maritime climate similar to Seattle. Temps in peak fishing season often range between 45-75 degrees. Due to these comfortable conditions, Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge has never had a non-fishing day since it opened in 1990! Check current Southeast Alaska Weather »
  7. Gourmet Cuisine. If you're thinking franks and beans, think again! We take gourmet fare seriously. Our culinary staff is carefully selected to make your dining experience as enjoyable as the breathtaking scenery and phenomenal fishing here in Southeast Alaska. More about our Gourmet Cuisine »
  8. All Inclusive. From gourmet dining to the finest fishing gear, the Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge adventure is all-inclusive from our dock. Your stay includes professional guides for freshwater fishing as well as USCG trained captains for saltwater fishing excursions, plus a support staff to see that your needs are met.
  9. Lodge Acclaim. The lodge receives praise from clients and media alike each year. Our exceptional staff and facilities have been recognized with three "Lodge of the Year" awards — recently including the Sporting Classics 2010 Lodge of the Year honor for worldwide fishing destinations. More about the Lodge of the Year Award »
  10. Adventures and Eco Tours. When fishing arms grow tired, you can spend a relaxing afternoon on any number of guided excursions. Guided activities include whale watching, kayaking, spelunking, biking and hiking to name a few. You can also visit the bear observatory or tour Kassan totem Indian village. More about Eco Tours and other non-fishing activities »