Orvis Fly Fishing Lodge Endorsement - Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge

Orvis Fly Fishing Lodge Endorsement

The Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Lodges represent the best fishing experiences in the world. Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge has been an Orvis Endorsed property for well over 20 years. We're as committed to excellence and the high standards of this exclusive program as the day we started.

Only a select group of lodges meet the rigorous standards of the Orvis program. Sporting vacations are all too precious for you to waste with an unsatisfactory experience due to the incompetence of the guide or host lodge. After all, the best fly-fishing equipment in the world isn't going to be appreciated in undesirable conditions, so Orvis sought out the best fishing lodges, outfitters, and guides in the country, all of whom are located in exceptional fishing areas, and who have a reputation for superior client service.

2021 Lodge of the YearThe Orvis Company nominated Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge for their coveted 2021 Lodge of the Year award. Of 68 Orvis endorsed properties worldwide, Boardwalk was honored with second place in the race for this prestigious recognition.
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Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Lodge Program

The result was the Orvis Endorsed Lodge, Outfitter, Expedition and Guide Program. All participants share the ideals of excellent service, great fishing, and an experienced staff. All operations are continually reviewed by the Orvis staff and must continue to meet their rigorous requirements.