About Us - Alaska's Boardwalk Fishing Lodge

About Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge

Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge is an oceanfront fishing resort best known as "Alaska's 5-Star Adventure." The lodge is located just 30 minutes from Ketchikan, Alaska on beautiful Prince of Wales Island. Our prime location and facilities in Southeast Alaska provide a comfortable climate with luxury accommodations.

First-class service — combined with some of Alaska's best saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing opportunities — are two of the top reasons that scores of friends, families and organizations vacation here year after year.
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Boardwalk is a three-time "Lodge of the Year" recipient with the exclusive Orvis Fly Fishing Lodge Endorsement. Our staff proudly maintains the property to the high standards established for Orvis endorsed lodges. This elite program inspires us to deliver the ultimate outdoor experience.

The lodge truly provides a taste of luxury in Alaska's vast wilderness. While the lodge can't claim exclusivity to the exceptional fishing and alluring climate of Southeast Alaska, our staff, accommodations and gear are second to none. Our knowledgeable freshwater and fly fishing guides are Orvis endorsed, our Coast Guard certified saltwater captains are unmatched, our culinary staff is remarkable and our service is impeccable.

Above all else, our goal is to make your Alaskan adventure unforgettable! Let us treat you to an unforgettable experience, where you can make memories that will last a lifetime.

200-yard boardwalk that spans the tidal inlet to the to lodges

Our Story

Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge was originally built in 1990 on the eastern shore of Prince of Wales Island, nestled inside the cove of Thorne Bay, Alaska. The lodge takes its name from the 300-yard boardwalk, stretching from the boat docks and spanning the tidal inlet to the guest lodges.

Each log was felled and towed across Thorne Bay, as whales surfaced around the boat then disappeared into the deep. In true Alaskan spirit, the raw lumber was milled, peeled and notched by hand, along this final frontier. It took seven years of hard work to finish this magnificent three-story lodge!

Since then facilities have been expanded to accommodate additional guests – up to 19 – and provide more amenities. The lodge is still privately owned and operated, maintaining Boardwalk's high standards of excellence and personal touch that have made it the "showplace of Alaskan lodges."

Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge is an equal opportunity provider under permit from the U.S. Forest Service.