Alaska Adventures

Eagles and other wildlife are plentiful on Prince of Wales Island AlaskaBoardwalk is more than an award-winning fishing lodge, it is a great getaway for your entire family or organization.

A number of eco-tours, sightseeing, hiking and photography excursions can be easily arranged. These and many other activities are possible, depending on availability and length of stay. Please check with your reservationist for planning:

  • Alaska Glacier Tours
  • Whale watching
  • Canoeing and kayaking
  • Beach combing
  • Guided fly-out trips to remote lakes, rivers, streams and Alaska’s Misty Fjords
  • Wildlife and nature viewing hikes and picnics
  • Guided trips to Anan Creek Bear Observatory
  • Guided excursions to El Capitan Caves
  • Guided eco tours including the Kassan totem Indian village – hidden within Prince of Wales Island’s famous rain forest


Nature Viewing

Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, is a temperate rain forest with lush, green foliage and an abundance of flourishing wildlife. This area of Southeast Alaska is a far cry from the barren tundra so often associated with Alaska’s image. Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge oceanfront property is home to bald eagles nesting, sitka blacktail deer foraging, sea otters playing and humpback whales surfacing.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Guests enjoy exploring Thorne Bay Alaska in canoes and kayaks
There’s something almost magical about the experience of quietly paddling a canoe or sea kayak in the middle of one of the most beautiful places on earth. Watch as eagles soar and dive in search of food, or enjoy the antics of sea otters at play. Listen to the sounds of your paddles in mirror-still water as you glide past ancient evergreen stands and rugged mountains silhouetted against a deep orange sunset. Now THAT’S ALASKA!

Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge has several canoes and sea kayaks available for your use. Simply contact lodge management. If you like, we will provide a short refresher course for self-guided excursions, or we can provide a guide to help you experience the exciting sites and places to explore. Be sure to bring your camera. Who knows, a group of sea otters might join you.

Cave Exploration

Lodge guests explore El Capitan Cave in Alaska
You don’t have to thrill at the pastime of spelunking to enjoy numerous fascinating cave formations. El Capitan Cave on Alaska’s Prince of Wales Island, known as El Cap to its natives, is the largest known cave in Alaska, and is also the first cave in Southeast Alaska where fossil bones were discovered – dating back to over 12,000 years ago. El Capitan features the deepest limestone pit in the United States.

Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge guides will accompany you; however, caving exploration is led by a U.S. Forest Service employee. Tours must be arranged in advance of your stay, so be sure to alert your booking agent about your intended adventure. Experiencing the majesty and mystery of El Cap is worth the time and effort!

Fly Outs

Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge sits in close proximity to numerous lakes, rivers and streams — making fly-out fishing trips unnecessary. However, fly-out trips are available for remote fishing excursions and flight seeing adventures.

Rates vary depending on destination and number of guests. Please call toll-free at 800-764-3918 for details.