Reservation Details - Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge

Reservation Details


Check-in and Check-out Times

Check-in time is 5:30 pm on your day of arrival. Check-out is 10:00 am on the day of departure (all times are local).

Based on your selection of travel to the island (chartered floatplane, self-travel with Island Air Express or the Inter-Island Ferry) you may find your self arriving to the island sooner in the day. This is not a problem and we are happy to receive you and come pick you up as needed. You can relax a the lodge and enjoy the hot tub or simply take in the beauty of Alaska!

Flight Connecting Information

If you booked your flight to the island on Island Air Express you will have an easy transfer right there at the airport. You will pick up your luggage and head to the terminal next to the international airport. They use the same runway so it is really close.

If we arranged a chartered float plane for you, you will want to arrive in Ketchikan by 4:30 pm to reach the lodge that evening. The chartered float planed is also next to the airport down on the dock and always schedule for 5pm to collect all guests who want to travel by float plane. If you need to make special floatplane arranges there maybe an additional cost. Based on your arrival time and other guests we may be able to depart sooner, but plan on departing at 5pm to the lodge from the dock at the airport.

Flight Departure Warning

If you chose Island Air Express for your departure you will find that those flights have a good record of being on time. However, we do recommend an afternoon departure from Ketchikan.

If you chose the float plane, de to the high possibility of early morning fog, please do not arrange an early-morning departure. We typically schedule the floatplane to depart at 10:00am, but it is not uncommon to have this flight delayed to morning fog, so we recommend an afternoon departure from Ketchikan.

Do you have an early flight into Ketchikan?

If your flight plans require you to arrive much earlier into Ketchikan and you have a long layover before your Island Air Flight or the floatplane please let us know and we can assist you with some sightseeing options in Ketchikan to enjoy your time there.

Do you have a late flight into Ketchikan?

If you can only arrive after 5:00 pm to Ketchikan you may have to make arrangements to stay the night in Ketchikan. Please let us know as we may be able to assist you, but the cost is not included. An early arrival the next day to the lodge is not a problem for us, but fishing on your arrival or departure day is not included in the quoted rates.