What Does All-Inclusive Mean? - Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge

What does Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge All-Inclusive Packages offer?

Thank you for your interest in Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge. Our goal is to provide you with a First Class, 5-Star All-Inclusive Fishing Adventure Experience. Below is a summary of what is included when booking with us. Please pay attention to the “notes” at the bottom for specific important details and links to more information. We want to exceed your expectations so please share with us anything that appears to be less than what you are expecting based on this information.

The all-inclusive experience at Boardwalk Lodge is intended to make your stay as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. We hope that by choosing Boardwalk Lodge you have the most incredible adventures and hopefully with plenty of fish but more importantly with an experience and memories that you will talk about for many years to come. 

So, what’s included? What should you expect?

The all-inclusive rate covers everything you will need while at the lodge. However, your preferred method of arrival to the lodge is up to you. Over the years we have found that customers have different preferences and are looking for different experiences. Some want the most adventure they can get for the lowest cost and other are looking for a more stress-free, relaxing vacation.  Whatever your preference we are here to assist.

Typically guests arrive at the lodge one of 3 ways:  Ferry, small commercial plane, or floatplane.  You can take the ferry from Ketchikan to Hollis with your own vehicle or we can come and pick you up. If you choose to fly on a small commercial flight you should expect about a $400-$500 round trip ticket and a small fee for the lodge to pick you up and drop you off. Alternatively, allow us to make all the arrangements for you on a chartered floatplane (1). While you can reduce your cost with the ferry or the small commercial plane the arranged charted floatplane is an incredible experience and even with the increased cost the experience and low stress travel is way worth it!

Whatever you choose let us know so we can assist you.

Should you choose the floatplane, when you arrive in Ketchikan ask an associate to direct you to the floatplane dock. You will be looking for a Seawind plane. The dock is located out the front of the airport (the Ketchikan side) and to the left. No need to take the ferry as the plane is on the same island as the airport. Be sure to not overpack. Floatplane services limit luggage weight to 40 pounds per individual. including any carry-ons. Duffle bags work much better in the floatplane than hard sided suitcases. The roughly 30 minute floatplane flight to the dock at the lodge begins your adventure. Hopefully the sky is clear and you will enjoy amazing views of the bay and inlets over to Thorne Bay on Prince of Wales Island. The deep fjords, gorgeous blue waters and emerald green trees of Southeast Alaska's Inside Passage are breathtaking.  

We will greet you at the dock, get you checked in and then you can enjoy hors d'oeuvres and drinks outside the lodge (2) starting at about 6:00 pm. Dinner, prepared by our gourmet chefs, is served about 6:30 pm. This is no franks and beans camp. We take gourmet fare seriously — and lodge chefs pride themselves on tantalizing your taste buds! Our culinary staff is carefully chosen to make your dining experience as enjoyable as the breathtaking scenery and phenomenal fishing here in Southeast Alaska. The rest of the evening is for relaxing around the fire pit, hot tubbing, socializing within your group or mingling with the other guests. Each suite, or room, features its own private bathroom. Guest rooms are tastefully furnished to ensure your comfortable stay with us. Bed time is up to you, but the next day starts early so we recommend some good rest!

For those who are fishing or adventuring, your made to order breakfast is served from 5:45-6:45 am in the dining room. By 7:00 am all guests should be packed up for the day. Grab your lunch and your personal gear (we furnish all of the fishing equipment you will need) and then head out for the day's activities. Those who are saltwater fishing will gather at the dock and those who are freshwater fishing (both fly fishing and spin-casting) at the Suburbans for a day of fun, friends and fishing. There are plenty of other activities if you choose not to fish (please visit this link for details https://www.boardwalklodge.com/alaska-adventures/). More information for those activities will be provided to you so you can be ready on time.  

Fishing will be a 9 hour day and includes lunch. Don't worry about any fishing equipment, we have you covered with top of the line gear. You can bring your own if you would like, but why use up that valuable weight with fishing gear when you will need it for the fish to take home? Our coast guard certified boat captains and Orvis certified freshwater guides will be happy to show you more of Alaska than just fish. There is a good chance you will see lots of other wildlife as you enjoy the incredibly beautiful scenery of wild Alaska!

You can expect to return to the lodge about 4:00 pm and we hope, with more fun memories during the day than you expected.  You will have some time to relax and freshen up before we all gather on the boardwalk at 6:00 pm where the evening of stories, both verifiably true and somewhat exaggerated will begin. Dinner is served at 6:30 and is sure to delight your taste buds with something fresh starting with an appetizer, soup or salad, then a delicious main course and finally a scrumptious dessert. 

More stories, relaxing and fun is to be had around the firepit and hot tub. Socializing with other guests often creates friendships and for many, return visits together. Finally you will retire to your suites for a peaceful rest ready to do it all again tomorrow, or for your final night before checkout.

On your checkout day, and depending on your preferred travel method your made to order breakfast will likely be served at 7:00am. After breakfast you can pack up or take a wander around the lodge area, relax on the boardwalk or visit the gift shop to get your loved ones at home something special. Checkout should be completed before 9:30 am. If you choose the floatplane option you will be leaving the dock at 10:00.

Behind the scenes every evening of your trip, your catch has been taken to a prep area where the fish is cleaned, fileted or cut into steaks, portioned, vacuum packed, labeled, quick-frozen, and packaged into 50 lb. boxes for easy transport (4). It is brought to you at the dock for your trip home.  The floatplane will deliver you, your catch and all your memories to the Ketchikan airport for your commercial flight. Don’t be surprised if the white noise of the propeller and the peacefulness of the flight rocks you right to sleep, it does me every time. Or perhaps you are still telling stories that will continue to be told for years, with bigger fish and more exciting details every time. Either way we thank you for your patronage and look forward to your next visit for even bigger adventures!


  1. The chartered floatplane from Ketchikan to Boardwalk Lodge’s dock and back is not included in your package price, but is available as an upcharge at checkout. The floatplane leaves roughly around 5:00 pm from the docks at the airport on your arrival date. On your departure date it will leave the dock at the lodge about 10:00 am. Please plan to arrive at Ketchikan before 4:30 pm and plan your departure flight after 12:00 pm in order to take advantage of the included floatplane. If your schedule requires a different floatplane time we can assist you with that special arrangement, but there will be an additional charge.  If you arrive early in Ketchikan, we can assist you with some sightseeing ideas.. If you arrive in Ketchikan too late to catch the floatplane, you will need to stay the night there.  You can spend the next day exploring and catch the 5:00 pm floatplane flight or it might be possible to arrange an early floatplane for you the next day for an early arrival to the lodge. If we have boats and guides available, you might even be able to get a ½ day of fishing. However, the accommodation in Ketchikan, the specially arranged floatplane and the ½ day of fishing are all costs not included in your package pricing. Please call for details.
  2. All the hors d'oeuvres, drinks (non-alcoholic), and food are part of your package with the exception of alcohol which can be purchased for an additional cost. For more specific information about our gourmet cuisine please review this link:
  3. Here are some informational links about Alaska fishing 
  4. Here is some information for you about what to expect with fish processing: