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Pro Ignitor Fly Line


Handle any saltwater conditions with PRO Ignitor, a weight-forward textured floating fly line.

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PRO Ignitor is a fast loading, powerful, weight-forward textured floating fly line designed for minimal false casts. An exceptional line for saltwater, particularly when sight fishing on the flats and quick, precise casts are required. The extra-short, front taper helps energy transfer to turn over large flies and deal with challenging wind conditions. PRO Textured lines offer increased surface area, allowing the line to sit higher in the water, offering less drag, easier mending, less water spray and easier pick-ups. The micro-textured surface traps air to provide increases in both shootability and floatation while decreasing friction.
8 wt.-12 wt.

Line Weight

WF 8, WF 9, WF 10, WF 11, WF 12


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