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Clearwater Fly Rod


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Everything has changed except the value. The new Clearwater Rod Series is a complete overhaul from the ground up by our Vermont rod designers. Each rod is designed with a purpose-built profile and action to handle the fishing the rod would be traditionally used for, from medium-action small stream rods to medium-fast freshwater rods and fast-action big game rods. Designed in Vermont for anglers worldwide.


2-Weight, 10', 3-Weight, 10', 3-Weight, 7'6", 4-Weight, 10', 4-Weight, 7'6", 4-Weight, 8'6", 5-Weight, 10', 5-Weight, 8'6", 5-Weight, 9', 6-Weight, 9', 6-Weight, 9'6", 7-Weight, 10', 7-Weight, 9', 8-Weight, 10', 8-Weight, 9', 9-Weight, 9', 10-Weight, 9', 11-Weight, 9'4", 12-Weight, 9'


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