Lodge Comparison - Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge

SE Alaska Lodge Comparison

4 Night Stays

Boardwalk Lodge Lodge A Lodge B Lodge C
All-Inclusive (1)
Guided Saltwater Fishing
Does the Lodge Sell 1/2 Day Fishing as Full Days? (2)
Guided Freshwater Fishing
Self-Guide Freshwater Fishing
Orvis Endorsed Lodge
Yellow Dog Promoted Lodge
Fishing Gear & Equipment (3)AAAD
Quality of rooms (4)ACDD
Upgraded Accomodations w/o Increased Costs (5)
Are You Charged for Space You Dont Use? (6)
Gourmet 4 Course Meal (7)ABDC
Does the Lodge Entertain Large Private Groups?
True Remote Alaska Lodge
Discounts Available Based on Seasonal Preferrence
Price Per Night for 4 Nights$1098 - $1473$1356 - $1573$1450$1125
Depends on travel optionsBased on Time of yearStarting price

1) All Inclusive can be a lot of different things. Please carefully review the details provided by each lodge. For the purposes of this comparison "all-inclusive" means after arriving at the lodge there are no additional costs for food, beverages (excluding liquor or non-house alcohol) laundry, fishing gear or equipment rentals.

2) This is a tricky marketing tool to "sell" you more fishing than you actually get, or increasing your costs beyond the quoted lodge rate. Fishing 1/2 days means that you need to make a different reservation for accomodations the night before and/or the night after your reservation at the lodge.  Due to the location of SE Alaska and the limited travel, to arrive before 12:00 noon at a lodge typically means that the guests stays the night previous at another accomodation and travel early the next morning to the lodge. Similarly to fish a 1/2 day on the day of departure the guests will often need to stay a extra night at another accomodation before their commercial flight, or at least rush back from fishing to the airport.  While offering 1/2 day fishing can make a trip look less expensive for more fishing, the trip actually ends up costing more due to paying for other, or two nights lodging somewhere else.  Many people have to pass on the arrival or departure 1/2 day fishing simply because their travel plans don't allow it.  However, at Boardwalk Lodge, if your travel plans permit an early arrival or a late departure then more fishing is certainly an option. Be sure to ask for a typically itinerary so you know what you are really getting.  Also note that rushed itineraries, including early arrivals and late departure, are often complicated by weather and adverse travel conditions that cause increased costs and frustration. Needing to pay beyond a quoted lodge rate for another night's lodging is often the result of 1/2 day fishing and can be especially costly when not planned for.

3) Quality fishing gear and equipment can make or break a fishing experience. Based on what each log posts on their website we were able to grade their equipment.

4) The quality of room evaluation can be a subjective. Without an actual visit the best way to get a feel for the rooms is through pictures, so carefully review each lodge's provided pictures. Boardwalk Lodge gets an "A" because, not only are the rooms are a true Alaska lodge experience, but the whole facility including the dining area is an authentic Alaska lodge, not a bland hotel feel. In this evaluation without sufficient pictures we were unable to rate the rooms and so a less than satisfactory grade was assigned.

5) Many lodges offer a base rate for base accommodations and then upcharge for a more premium accommodation or for larger groups. Boardwalk Lodge focuses on offering exceptional value and your costs actually decrease as you maximize your accommodations potential. There is no upcharge for the more preferred accommodations or for larger groups, in fact the opposite is true, the larger your group the better the rate.

6) If you book a group of 2 or 3 people are you charged an additional rate because you didnt fill a boat? Boardwalk Lodge does not charge for unused "seats" on a boat.

7) The quality of meals, like rooms, are hard to evaluate without actually being there. However, each lodge was graded based on the information provided on each lodge's website, including pictures, and determined by variety of food offered, menu, and dining room comfort.