Getting Here - Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge

Getting to Southeast Alaska

Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge is located on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska. Guests traveling outside Alaska, in the Continental United States, will typically fly to Seattle's SeaTac airport, then take a 90-minute Alaska Airlines flight to Ketchikan.

From Ketchikan, we will have arranged air transportation for you to the Lodge, as part of our all-inclusive trips. This breathtaking, 30-minute floatplane ride will take you from Ketchikan directly to Boardwalk's dock.

Commercial Airlines

You will need to arrive in Ketchikan by 4:30 pm (Alaska Daylight Time) to reach the lodge that evening.


  • Arrival. If your flight arrives after 5 pm (Alaska Daylight Time), you will need to overnight in Ketchikan. Accomodations in Ketchikan will be your responsibility, but we can assist with making arrangements.
  • Departure. Early morning departures are discouraged due to possible fog delays. If an early departure is necessary, please alert our reservationist, so we can arrange a special aircraft. This additional cost is also your responsibility.

Private Jets

Most private and corporate aircraft fly into Ketchikan, Alaska, where the party is then shuttled directly to our dock via floatplane. However, some planes can fly into Klawock, Alaska (45 min. drive) and tie-downs are available. If you're landing in Klawock, call ahead and we'll meet you on the tarmac.