Getting Here - Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge

Getting to Southeast Alaska

Thank you for your interest. We offer a few options to get to the lodge:

Travel Options to Boardwalk Lodge

Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge is located on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska. Guests traveling outside Alaska, in the Continental United States, will typically fly to Seattle's SeaTac airport, then take a 90-minute Alaska Airlines flight to Ketchikan.  Check in at the lodge is typically 4pm. However, early arrival to the lodge is possible, but coordinating any adventures or activities on the day of arrival or departure will likely be an extra cost.

From Ketchikan you travel to the lodge typically one of three ways:

  1. The inter-island ferry ( to Hollis is about a 1.5 hour drive to the lodge.
    • Guests purchase their own tickets and a price estimate is $50 per person each way.
    • There is a pick-up/drop-off fee from the lodge of $200 for each group of 5.
  2. A small commercial plane on Island Air Express ( to Klawock about a 45 minute drive to the lodge
    • Guests purchase their own tickets and a price estimate is $200-$250 per person each way.
    • There is a pick-up/drop-off fee from the lodge of $200 for each group of 5.
  3. An arranged chartered float plane direct to the dock at the lodge.
    • This is an arranged, chartered, special flight for lodge guests and a rate of $600 each way should be expected, but based on the group size, the number of other guests and some other variables it could be lower.
    • This is a super fun, awesome flight that delivers you right to the lodge dock.
    • For even a better experience, ask about adding a flightseeing tour on your way to the lodge. Just be sure you book your arrival into Ketchikan for the early afternoon so you can enjoy this flightseeing adventure!

If you choose the ferry or small commercial plane, we will pick you up and drop you off from either location to coordinate with your schedule for the $200 for a group of 5 cost.

If you choose the arranged chartered float plane direct to the lodge please review these details as they are important:

  1. The chartered arrival floatplane will be scheduled to leave Ketchikan International Airport's dock at 5:00pm to arrive at the lodge at 5:30pm. You should plan to arrive in Ketchikan before 4:30pm. It may be possible to arrange an earlier departure, however, there may be an additional cost. To minimize the cost, the chartered float plane is arranged for all arriving guests that day and any special arrangements may have an additional cost.
    • If you arrive earlier in the day and want to explore Ketchikan you can meet the float plane for departure at the dock on the Ketchikan side of the river, but communication with the floatplane company needs to be arranged so they know where to meet you.
  2. The chartered departure floatplane will be scheduled to leave the lodge at 10:00am. The reason for this is that the weather, specifically fog, can be very unpredictable and may prevent the float plane from landing or taking off. We recommend that you schedule departure from Ketchikan International in the afternoon.  Like the arrival, it may be possible to make schedule changes but a special arrangement may have an additional cost.

Commercial Airlines

In most cases guests will fly into Ketchikan via Alaska Airlines. Depending on what time you arrive in Ketchikan you may need to stay the night in Ketchikan. This is not something that the lodge will arrange for you, but we can assist with recommendations.  Schedule your flight to and from Ketchikan to work with your preferred travel arrangements to the lodge. If we are assisting you with floatplane travel, we recommend you arrive in Ketchikan before 4pm or you may have to stay the night in Ketchikan. Commercial departures are recommend in the early afternoon as morning fog can delay floatplane departures from the lodge.

Private Jets

Most private and corporate aircraft fly into Ketchikan, Alaska, where the party is then shuttled directly to our dock via floatplane. However, some planes can fly into Klawock, Alaska (45 min. drive) and tie-downs are available. If you're landing in Klawock, call ahead and we'll meet you on the tarmac.