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Alaska Fishing: Set the Mood for Romance

If you’re planning a quiet getaway for two, you might have all sorts of visions of romance in mind. Candlelight dinners. Tuxedos and ballgowns. A tropical beach and miles of sand. A fine fly rod and a pair of waders.

A fly rod and waders?

When it comes to romance, one of the last things people may consider is dancing a fly across the lake to entice a trophy in the Alaskan sunrise. After all, romance is supposed to be about luxury and comfort. Right?

Here at Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge, we challenge the notion that there is only a one-size-fits-all approach to romance. For many couples, there is nothing more unifying than facing nature together. Whether you spend all day on the water, or you head out to explore the island on one of our eco-tours, there is something about the wild, untamed beauty of Prince of Wales Island that brings people together and provides the foundation for an incredible experience for the both of you.

Outdoor Adventure with an Elegant Touch

Although there is a rustic touch to everything we offer here at Boardwalk Lodge, we’re far from a wilderness camp. We take the outdoor experience and place it in an elegant setting, perfect for honeymoons, anniversary trips, and time away from the kids.

Fine Dining: Gourmet dining is an integral part of the Boardwalk Lodge experience. With our carefully chosen culinary staff and a dining room that takes advantage of the breathtaking Alaskan setting, you can get all the luxury and intimacy of a four-star dining experience right here.

Non-Fishing Activities: Prince of Wales Island is an incredible location, and there is plenty to do aside from the fishing. This temperate rainforest offers an array of local flora and fauna that can’t be found in this proportion anywhere else in the world. Whether you look out over the ocean in search of humpback whales or take an island stroll for nature viewing, there is something exhilarating about sharing this lush environment with someone you love.

Luxury Lodge: Offering suites that combine a rustic touch with all the comforts of home, Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge is ideal for the couple that wants to get away from it all. Privacy and serenity are our key features, and both are found here in Alaska in abundance.

Of course, one of the most romantic parts of a getaway to Prince of Wales Island is the fishing. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never fished before or even if the idea of hooking a hundred-pound halibut makes you break out in a cold sweat — there is something incredibly bonding about the experience of fishing.

The quiet atmosphere, experienced guides, and hassle-free outfitting with all the right gear is perfect for both novice and seasoned fishermen. And because you can chose from quiet lakes and streams nearby, a 28-foot cruiser trolling along Alaska’s famed Inside Passage, or even a fly-out excursion, there is so much potential for adventure — romance and all.

As a prime Alaska fishing destination, our lodge staff knows that adventure travel with couples can be a lot of fun — especially when you can do it in comfort, right ladies? Comment below and tell us about your fishing vacation, or vacation dreams!