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PRO Saltwater All-Rounder Fly Line- Textured


Earn improved casts and easy mending with the versatile PRO Saltwater All-Rounder Fly Line.

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The PRO Saltwater All-Rounder Textured Fly Line is a completely reimagined and advanced compound taper from its predecessor. This line is the do-it-all saltwater line that has the power to reach that distant target, and a fast-loading, front compound taper to make a few quick shots in a row. The dual belly helps add stability to the line, and allows for easy casting and pick-ups. It is built on our multifilament core so it can easily perform in cool weather. Can also be very effective for larger freshwater application such as bass, pike, or carp. PRO Textured lines offer increased surface area, allowing the line to sit higher in the water, offering less drag, easier mending, less water spray and easier pick-ups. The micro-textured surface traps air to provide increases in both shootability and floatation while decreasing friction.
6 wt.-10 wt.

Line Weight

WF 6, WF 7, WF 8, WF 9, WF 10


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