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Peak Season Packages

Peak Season -

All-inclusive fishing/adventure packages starting at $1750 per person per night*

Effective Dates: 15 June to 14 Sept
These All Inclusive Peak Season Packages feature all 5 Pacific Salmon species, storming our waters. By sheer numbers, there are more fish landed from mid-July through mid-September than at any other time. Tasty Alaskan Halibut are also prevalent this time of year for anglers looking to quickly fill their freezer with steaks and fillets. Days are longer and a bit warmer (sometimes up to 75° F). And the time is right for just about any activity that Southeast Alaska has to offer if you want to mix in some other island adventures.

These coveted spots often begin filling in previous years. so book early! Partially due to this popularity, some guests prefer to come at quieter times of year — often during our shoulder seasons for Steelhead (spring), Adventure Tours (late-spring and early-summer), and large Silver Salmon runs (fall).

*$1750 rate is based on minimum occupancy accommodations. Maximum occupancy bookings can impact the price up to a 15% discount. Children under 10 stay at the lodge at no cost but a float plane cost should be expected.

HalibutApr thru Sept
King Salmonmid-June thru July
Silver Salmonmid-July thru Sept
Sockeye Salmonmid-June thru July
Chum SalmonAug to Sept
Pink Salmonmid-July thru Aug
Cutts & CharsApr thru Sept
Table indicates typical seasonal runs

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