Trolling for Alaska King Salmon

Author Chris Brewer with the Alaska king salmon she caught while trolling

By Chris Brewer For many people, if not most (Alaskans included), when you talk about fishing for King salmon, the first thing that comes to mind is river-fishing, either from the bank or from a boat. The banks and waterways are crowded as anglers from Outside (people from anywhere other than Alaska), as well as locals, vie for a chance to land one of the legendary “monster” Kenai River Kings. Everyone is hoping that maybe, just maybe, they’ll be the one to catch the fish that beats Les [Read More]

Alaska Halibut Fact Sheet

Lodge guest Russ Andrus lands a tasty Alaskan halibut

Names Common Name: Halibut Scientific Name: Hippoglossus stenolepis Other Names: Butts, Chickens (little ones), Turkeys (bigger than little ones), Barn doors (big ones) Halibut Description Color & Markings: Their upper side ranges in color from mottled blue-gray to olive green-brown depending on the color of the ocean floor where they live. The bottom side of the fish is white. Size: 1-8ft long and 5-500lbs. Alaska’s Record sport-caught halibut was 459lbs. Distinguishing [Read More]

Bear Watching Tours

Black bear eating dog salmon fish pass

In Tongass National Forest, bears are a way of life. There are more brown and black bears living here than people, which means sightings are common. Although the bears spend their winters hibernating, they’re very active in the summer months. In fact, during the strongest salmon runs, they eat up to 90 pounds of fish every day (that equals a weight gain of 40 pounds per week). Provided you know where to look, you can watch this amazing feat in action for yourself. Because the bears on Prince [Read More]

Bald Eagle Watching

Bald eagle fishing in Southeast Alaska

Of all the wildlife to see during your visit to Prince of Wales Island, none are quite as breathtaking as the bald eagles. Most of us recognize this majestic bird as a symbol of America, but it’s just as safe to say that they’re a symbol of Alaska. These huge birds of prey are some of the best hunters in the skies, taking advantage of the salmon runs to feast and frolic the whole year round. In fact, Tongass National Forest is home to the largest proportion of bald eagles in the world. The [Read More]

Whale Watching Adventure

Gray whale gives a tail slap while surfacing off Prince of Wales

One of the best features about Prince of Wales Island is how close it brings you to nature. With the exception of a few small towns, most of the land here is untouched, undeveloped, and preserved for future generations. This means that if you want to see everything from bears to birds in their natural habitat, this is the place to do it. Of course, all that wild beauty isn’t just reserved to the land. With 990 miles of coastline around the island, we’re also known for our incredible marine [Read More]

El Capitan Cave Tour

Entrance to El Capitan Cave on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska

There are over 600 caves on Prince of Wales Island, but none of them offer a guided and hands-on experience like El Capitan Cave. The longest mapped cave in Alaska, El Capitan (or El Cap as the locals call it) extends for over two miles from the main entrance. (Conditions get pretty rough the deeper you go, so visitors are stopped after 500 feet or so. Believe us – you won’t want to go much further than that!) It’s one of the only caves in Southeast Alaska that allows you an up-close and [Read More]

Totem Village Tour

Totem at Village of Kasaan

The village of Kasaan offers visitors a unique opportunity to step back in time and view Alaska as it was hundreds of years ago. Famed for its totem poles and rich Native history, Kasaan is located on the eastern side Prince of Wales Island, just south of Thorne Bay. A Haida village that was established in the 1800s, Kasaan was once only accessible by canoe. Although your trip here will be a little more convenient (there are scenic roads leading in and out now), you’ll be amazed at how well [Read More]

Misty Fjords Flightseeing Tour

Misty Fjords floatplane flightseeing among clouds

Nothing says “Welcome to Alaska” quite like Misty Fjords National Monument. This natural wonder is located about forty miles east of Ketchikan in a highly protected environment that few people get to experience for themselves. From high, rocky cliffs overlooking the Inside Passage to cascading waterfalls and huge expanses of forest, this area is a picture-perfect postcard come to life. Nowhere else will you see 3,000-foot cliffs carved from glaciers, mountains rising out of the mist, hidden [Read More]

Nature Walks

Sitka black-tailed deer fawns

When most people think of a rainforest, they picture the volcanic backdrop of Hawaii or the hot, humid jungles of Costa Rica. Although these places definitely fit the category (and are well worth a visit), our very own Prince of Wales Island is a rainforest, too. We’re located right in the heart of the Pacific temperate rainforest eco-region, which means that even though you’ll encounter glaciers and cooler temperatures, we’re still teeming with wildlife and natural splendor. In fact, our [Read More]

Alaska King Salmon Fact Sheet

Guest Russ Andrus Alaska King Salmon fishing

Names Common Name: King Salmon Scientific Name: Oncorhynchus tshawytscha Other Names: Chinook Salmon, Blackmouth, Spring salmon King Salmon Description Color & Markings: Black irregular spots on their back, dorsal fins, and both lobes of the tail fin. Black gums and black mouth under the tongue. Size: 36+ inches and 30+ lbs at maturity. Distinguishing Features: The only Pacific salmon with both black mouth and black gums. King Salmon Fishing Book your King Salmon [Read More]