Flightseeing Tours Provide Spectacular Aerial Views!


Adventure-filled fishing trips and guided eco tours have always been at the heart of the Boardwalk Lodge experience. Now Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge has partnered with a trusted Alaska charter to offer spectacular flightseeing tours over Prince of Wales Island and the LeConte Glacier. This 90-minute aerial tour uncovers Alaska’s hidden beauty and mystery in a way that can only be experienced from the air!

These bucket-list flights take you soaring over Southeast Alaska’s colossal rainforest and the southernmost tidewater glacier in the Northern Hemisphere. Seasoned pilots narrate your flight, as you sit in the comfort of modern, jet-prop aircraft.

This flightseeing tour is certain to take your breath away with its sheer beauty! Combine an Alaska glacier tour along with your lodge stay to further elevate your 5-star adventure. Contact the lodge today to book this special tour during your next fishing trip.

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