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Alaska Halibut Fishing Heats Up

Alaska Halibut fishing charter
The weather is heating up here in Southeast Alaska, and so is the Halibut fishing. Some of the favorite adventure opportunities here at Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge are our saltwater fishing trips. Although freshwater adventures remain a favorite of many outdoorsman here, Alaska Halibut fishing shouldn’t be missed. Recent changes in regulation mean that not all fishing lodges and charter boats in Southeast Alaska are permitted to offer guided Halibut fishing. Boardwalk Lodge is one of the few sport lodges where you can enjoy the chance to catch one of these monsters.

Alaska Fishing: Set the Mood for Romance

If you’re planning a quiet getaway for two, you might have all sorts of visions of romance in mind. Candlelight dinners. Tuxedos and ballgowns. A tropical beach and miles of sand. A fine fly rod and a pair of waders.

Alaska Wilderness Lodges Reviewed

Travel Muse

January 2008 – by Deb Vanasse

Fishing Raven’s Island

Virginia Sportsman Magazine

March 2006 – By King Montgomery

Freshwater fishing at Boardwalk Lodge includes 23 lakes, rivers and streams
That first evening in Alaska after a long day in airplanes, my wife and I took our places at the comfortable dinner table, and gazed down at a handwritten menu from Chef Bryan Vietmeyer and his amiable kitchen crew. Below the “Welcome King & Elizabeth” note, this simple document gave us an indication of what the week ahead would bring. It read:

Fishing Alaska’s Inside Passage

Sportsman’s News

May 2005

Southeast Alaska’s Prince of Wales Island offers access to prime deep water species

Sportsman’s Atlas

Spring 2005 – By Chris Shaffer

Guided halibut fishing off Prince of Wales Island, Alaska
Earl Pullum doesn’t tell fish tales. When asked why anglers should fish the saltwater off Prince of Wales Island rather than dozens of other popular Alaska destinations he pondered for a few minutes while removing the hook from a 15-pound yelloweye pulled from the Clarence Strait.

The Lure of Alaska

Texas Sporting Journal

March 2005 – By Brian Thurston

Texas Sporting Journal Alaska fishing article

The line is peeling off the reel so fast I just know the spool will overheat and fail. The second the fish hit, I knew that if I didn’t break it off, this freight train was going to be a wall-hanger.

Fish Who’ve Never Seen a Fisherman

Sportsman’s Atlas

April 2004 – by Chris Shaffer

Kenji King couldn’t see the river, nor could he hear it when he pulled his mid-’90s model Suburban onto a small pullout on the narrow, unmaintained, pothole-clogged dirt road. King had traveled an hour in the 4-wheel-drive vehicle now painted with mud and scratched by overgrown trees. He hadn’t seen another car, bike or person, only bald eagles and deer.

The Angling Report

By Robert Steele

I cannot say enough about the extraordinary friendliness of the staff there and especially the owners. Douglas and Donna Ibbetson. Boardwalk only takes 12 guests at a time [expanded to accommodate 19], so the service is very personal. My guide was friendly and helpful without being overbearing, and my wife was quite comfortable with everything and was treated extremely well.