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Guest Comments

Scott Gudahl comments on his Boardwalk trip
All-stars Rick Barry, Randy Jones review Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge

"Had a great time! This is a wonderful place and the people who work here make it even better! First class all the way."

- Jamie Foster, North Carolina
"I have fished Southeast Alaska for 40 years and the accommodations, fishing equipment and site of Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge is absolutely first class and unequaled. Its physical setting, dining experience, staff and fishing resources in the waters of the Ernest Sound and Clarence Strait are incomparable. I can recommend it without reservation."

- Peter Gwosdof, California
"As a resident, I have fished many places in Alaska. Boardwalk Lodge is my favorite. It is in a class by itself, offering a five-star experience from lodging to fishing. Staff is wonderful. I've enjoyed Boardwalk twelve times in the past seven years. I will be back many more times."

- Ken Privratsky, Alaska
  Major General, U. S. Army (Retired)

" I have never fished before, so this experience was brand new for me. The 4 days and 5 night experience far exceeded whatever expectations I had coming on this trip. The food was the best, at the top of the list, and was equal to or better than the top restaurants here in OC, Calif. And the catching of a fighting salmon was a real thrill. I can now understand why fishing folks are into it! Brad and his caring staff exemplify what great service means in any business. What a great memory."

- Tom Green, California
"It was a pleasure — we had a blast! We couldn't keep the fish off the fly poles when we did freshwater fishing. Our arms got tired... The service was awesome, the accommodations were great, the fishing was top-notch. We really enjoyed coming here!"

- Scott Gudahl, Colorado
"I had a terrific time and enjoyed the best fresh water fishing of my life. Your team did an outstanding job..."

- Craig Forbes, Washington
"Boardwalk Lodge is an incredible lodge and the staff truly made this our home away from home! Thanks for the great memories."

- Fulcher Family, Houston, Texas
"I enjoyed myself so much that I am now putting trips together for companies and individuals so they can experience Boardwalk Lodge and take home lifelong memories. EVERYTHING is first class at Boardwalk Lodge, including the staff, who go out of there way to make your stay special."

- Rick Barry, NBA Hall of Famer
"Incredible trip! Your planning was perfect. I have hunted and fished around the world and have never had better service than at the Boardwalk. The Misty Fiord boat/plane trip was breathtaking! The weather was sunny and cool. I think the Misty Fjord is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. The boat/plane perspective was fantastic. ...guides were exceptional. I'll be in touch."

- Bill Barton, Florida
"I truly appreciate the extra effort that you and your staff took to truly make sure our family had a great time regardless of our interest. The guide service was fantastic and the special attention to detail and effort to help my mother (79 – don't let her know I shared her age) pursue non-fishing activities were outstanding. Thanks again for you hospitality and I look forward to visiting your lodge again!"

- Bruce Johnson, Colorado